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About Me...

My road to fulling my dream...

I am the youngest of 4 kids, and it was looking up to my siblings art projects, and their ridicule, that gave me drive to create. I was fortunate to have a strong art department in high school where I took 12 art classes and had 4 amazing art teachers to inspire me. After obtaining my bachelor's of fine arts with a concentration in ceramics I was off to start my career as an artist. However, it was a hard wake up call a few months later as the economy tanked and my dreams of supporting myself through art were diminished. I decided to get a job and do art part time. I started working 12-hour days, 5-6 days a week. This was exhausting and I never had time to create art. I could feel how unhappy I was, so in 2010 I had to make a change. I changed my profession to work in construction for my Dad's company, which allowed me the flexibility to actually do art the way I wanted! I was still working long days in order to do both, but I was happy.

At the time I was based in East TN, but when my boyfriend moved to Utah I made a tough choice and moved across the country without any of my equipment. Sometimes the Universe pays you back for taking chances and I found a studio where I was able to work. After two and a half amazing years in Salt Lake City, UT, my husband and I came back to Knoxville, TN, to be closer to family. I'm talking really close! We moved in with my parents until we bought our own place in September! Every pot I sell is going directly into our savings to keep the electricity on! You as a buyer are helping me pay for our house, is that not the coolest or what?! I'm still working my rear off as each piece of my original pottery takes 1 day to throw, 1 day to trim, a few days to dry, a day or two in the kiln for the first firing, then it's finally ready to glaze and load into the kiln one last time where you hope everything went smoothly in the final firing. See below for more details on my process. A lot of love and hard work goes into every piece I sell. I have been teaching pottery since 2010 and I love sharing the love of clay with others. Pottery is no doubt a labor of love! Being an independent artist is hard, but the feeling of directly interacting with the people who give life to the art you make by bringing it into their homes is an amazing soul-filling job. Plus I get to listen to music while working with my dog at my feet, how can you beat that?

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